Kay Jennings

Thank you for visiting my author website. I write the Port Stirling Mystery series featuring police chief Matt Horning. The series, now with six installments, is set on the rugged and remote southern Oregon coast in a small town. 

Shallow Waters
Midnight Beach
Code: Tsunami
Dark Sand
Phantom Cove
Mourning Bay

Shallow Waters, book one in the series, was originally intended as a stand-alone story, but reader demand led to the second story, Midnight Beach, which was inspired by a real-life crime. Book 3, Code: Tsunami, imagines a big earthquake hitting the west coast, leaving a century-old murder mystery in its wake. The fourth book in the series, Dark Sand, features an international murder in the aftermath of the earthquake, and is a classic whodunit in the best British tradition.

Phantom Cove, Book 5, published in late 2022, has a touch of thriller about the story, and the reviews have been stellar. Mourning Bay, Book 6, released in 2023, is an interesting study of a suicide that might be murder. Cold Rock Island, Book 7, was published in May 2024.